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Nordic Journal of Labour Law is a peer reviewed academic journal. The journal aims to provide a forum of high-quality discourse on various labour law issues relevant to the Nordic countries. The journal especially seeks contributions which comprise

  • analysis of labour law questions relevant to the Nordic region,
  • comparative analysis of labour law questions relevant to the Nordic region
  • analysis of international labour law questions relevant to the Nordic region
  • analysis of labour law questions at EU/EEA-level,
  • discussions about theoretical or methodological labour law approaches or perspectives

In addition to academic articles, the journal publishes book reviews, comments on recent developments in case law, legislation etc. All contributions will be given a preliminary assessment by the editors. Articles which have passed this preliminary evaluation will be sent out for double-blind peer review by two referees appointed by the Editorial Team. The double-blind process guarantees anonymity of the author(s) with regards to the referees and of the referees with regards to the author(s).

The journal publishes preferably contributions in English, but contributions in one of the Scandinavian languages (Norwegian, Swedish, or Danish) can be accepted.

The journal aims to be an essential source of information and analysis for academics, labour lawyers, judges and others working in the field of labour law, especially within the Nordic countries. Articles will be published online, and with open access. Each year there will be a physical example available for purchase.

 ISSN-number: 2704-1085

Editors in Chief

Associate Professor Alexander S. Skjønberg, BI Norwegian Business School

Associate Professor Anette Hemmingby, BI Norwegian Business School

Associate Professor Natalie Videbæk Munkholm, University of Aarhus

Associate Professor Andreas Inghammar, Lund University

Associate Professor Marjo Ylhaïnen, University of Eastern Finland


Editorial assistant

Kajsa L. Tafjord Normannseth, European Commission DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion.

Manuscripts can be submitted to kajsa.tn@gmail.com


Editorial advisers

Kerstin Ahlberg, University of Stockholm

Professor emeritus Stein Evju, University of Oslo

Professor emeritus Niklas Bruun, University of Helsinki